Yap. I was lost among my files and folders in my laptop. And then.... I found a lyric of a song titled "pitter patter on my wndw". I don't know the song, but the lyric really describe my situation right now. I've tried to search the song on the internet, but there are nothing. So, if you know this song or familiar with the lyric, please kindly tell me hihi thanks :)

"pitter patter on my window,
I wonder if it's the sound of the rain,
pitter patter on my window,
or the sound of my tears.

clouds are forming in the sky,
cloulds are forming in my heart,
why do people cry,
when they're apart.
why do people smile,
when they're really hurting
walk another mile,
just to see it's circling.

a wound that you can't heal,
a curse that you can't seal,
a sound that you can't hear,
before you know it'll disappear.
live my life on the edge of the hill,
this emptiness that you can't fill
this touch that you can't feel,
that's right..
this wound that you can't heal"


tidak semuanya...

saya tidak punya sayap.
jadi saya tidak bisa terbang tinggi ke angkasa.
saya tidak tahu rasanya menembus awan.
saya tidak tahu rasanya berada di ketinggian.
saya tidak tahu rasanya menukik tajam membelah angin.
menatap jauh ke bawah, pasti semuanya terlihat kecil.
mungkin itulah alasan mengapa Tuhan hanya memberi saya sepasang kaki.
dan saya bersyukur akan hal itu.